Psyborg Gallery London presents ‘Punks and Skulls’ , a showcase of Cryptoskull and Cryptopunk NFTs. This East London based exhibition showcases a rich selection of NFTs from 2017 onwards using modern technology in its curation. Taking the digital art scene into a physical gallery space allows you to experience the NFT world and the fast progression of art development in the 21st century.

Cryptopunks was created in 2017 by a duo of Canadian developers and released by Larva Labs studio (now known as Yuga Labs owned). This project kick started the NFT movement we see today being the first ever PFP NFT project worldwide. Psyborg Gallery is crucial to the resurrection of the Cyberpunk inspired Cryptopunk collection.

Cryptoskulls launched in 2019 by a Russian developer who was heavily influenced by the Cryptopunks. The project gained traction in 2020 as NFT ‘Archaeologists’ rediscovered the collection and brought the works to light again, this enthralled collectors and NFT enthusiasts and became one of the first pixel-style NFT collections in existence and the second PFP NFT collection behind Cryptopunks.


12th-26th August 2022

Onsite Exhibition/METAVERSE Showcase