31st August - 24th September 2022

Onsite Exhibition

Psyborg Gallery presents "Pioneerz", celebrating the icons of urban art who have transitioned into the NFT & digital space. ⁠ Using a number of cutting edge display technologies we are able to show digital artworks in new and exciting ways.

From Goldie on LED video cubes to DINES on a holographic fan, futuristic bodies of work can now align with new technologies they can be viewed with. This also extends to the new and exciting ways we view art online via the Metaverse.

An American graffiti artist, Futura started painting illegally in the early seventies (working with other artists such as ALI) on New York's subway. Futura decided to abandon Graffiti and enrolled in the US Navy for four years. He received a letter from Ali in 1979, asking him to return to New York. Both created the crew "Soul Artists of Zoo York". Futura 2000 showed with Patti Astor at the Fun Gallery, along with Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Richard Hambleton and Kenny Scharf in the early 80s. Also in 198, Futura began painting on-stage backdrops for The Clash while they performed.

Goldie, is a British music producer and DJ initially gaining exposure for his work as a graffiti artist, Goldie became well known for his pioneering role as a musician in the 1990s where he was awarded with an MBE in 2016 he was known within the UK jungle, drum and bass and breakbeat hardcore scenes. He released a variety of singles under the pseudonym Rufige Kru and co-founded the label Metalheadz. He later released several albums under his own name, including the 1995 album Timeless, which entered the UK charts at number 7.

Mentor, philanthropist and entrepreneur DINES® pioneers creative change and is a coveted international speaker. Recognised for his distinctive style and vision, Dines has transformed the way brands connect with the new culture from EA Sports, Universal Music, Nike, Adidas, Fifa, Levis, Hasbro, Sony Music to the BBC. As Founder & Creative Director of creative agency STUDIO BLUP London, his insatiable desire to create cutting-edge creative & constantly evolve their approach provides brands a much-coveted window into the new culture.

The impact these artists have had on not only art and music, but culture as a whole is phenomenal and deserves to be celebrated. True Pioneerz.

We are a GO!! Come and celebrate the ICONs of urban art that have transitioned into the #NFT and #digitalart space. From Psyborg’s personal collection we will be exhibiting the legendary Futura2000 @futuradosmil ICON that is Goldie @MRGOLDIE and vanguard of change @studio_BLUP.